New Excise Tax

Please note that starting January 1st, the prices for all products containing e-liquid have increased to reflect the new excise tax placed upon them by the Canadian Government. We are currently in the process of restocking our entire e-liquid product stock so please bear with us during this transition period for our business.

The taxed amount depends on the quantity of e-liquid in the product and is taxed per container, where a container is anything that holds e-liquid. $1 per 2mL for the first 10mL in a container, and $1 for every 10mL afterwards.

This translates to an increase in price of...

+$3.00 for a Pack of 3 x 2mL Pods
+$5.00 for a 10mL Disposable
+$7.00 for a 30mL Bottle of E-Liquid
+$10.00 for a 60mL Bottle of E-Liquid
+$16.00 for a 120mL Bottle of E-Liquid

All prices will still require HST applied as well.

Costs of vaping image

How This Tax Affects Us

1. Taxed bottles will NOT be eligible for our Buy One Get One Half off discount.

2. Taxed bottles will NOT be eligible for our Buy 10 Get One Free Loyalty Program and the Loyalty Card System will be discontinued. A new points system has been created which you can apply to your account online or in store and redeem for money off your order after a certain number of points have been accumulated.

3. The excise tax will be included in price of the product and is not eligible for any tax exemption (similar to cigarettes, gasoline, cannabis or alcohol).

4. Our manufacturing process has been outsourced to a company who will be applying the stamps to the e-liquid bottles for us. The flavour will remain the same as we still manufacture the flavourant, but the e-liquid we used to be able to supply on demand will now have to be ordered ahead of time. We have had to reduce the amount of e-liquid flavours we produce because of this. To see if your flavour has been discontinued, find the full list here --> Discontinued Sinister Phogg E-Liquid.


A Message from It's Not Smoke It's Just Vapour

This price increase still leaves the cost of vaping much below the cost of smoking, and despite the higher tax being applied to e-liquid bottles, they are still much cheaper per mL to use than pre-filled devices like pods or disposable vape pens (where a large part of the cost is in the convenience) and encourage customers to utilize refillable devices to minimize the price increase.

We at It's Not Smoke strive to help our customers transition from cigarettes to vaping, and we will continue to help our customers as we move forward with the Canadian Government's excise tax. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call during store hours at 226-700-3206.

- Lars and the It's Not Smoke Staff