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Some More Rio - SNAKZ by Sinister Phogg Saltz

Some More Rio - SNAKZ by Sinister Phogg Saltz

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It's finally here, and ready for prime time....

So imagine you're at a campfire with friends eating one of those traditional treats with graham cracker and roasted goodness.  Your good friend "Rio" is sitting next to you and when you ask for the graham cracker, Rio instead opens up one of those delicious chocolate wafer treats with the creamy center and gives that to you with a wink.  You add your roasted sweetness to this boring traditional treat and when you bite into it, all you can think is....


This is a delicious dessert vape.

Served in a 30 mL bottle with 10 mg/mL or 20 mg/mL Salt Nicotine. 

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