Health Canada is trying to BAN Flavours in Vaping ACROSS CANADA.

We need your help to stop them.

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We are London, Ontario's oldest and longest running vape shop. 

Over the years, we have helped thousands of London area smokers swap their stinky cigarettes for vapes and not look back.

We offer a wide selection of disposables, pods, coils, e-liquid, mods, tanks, devices and other vaping accessories that will help you start out or step up your vaping.

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The provincial excise tax will be taking effect later this month, effectively doubling. Due to this, prices of all product containing nicotine will be increasing as the newly taxed products are stocked.

As we have a limited time to turn over our stock to include the new taxes, many products may be going on sale to make room for the new products. Check out our current sales to save some cash before the tax is in place.

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Our most popular pods and disposables.

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Have You Tried Hybrid Nicotine?

Hybrid nicotine uses a blend of salt and freebase nicotine, bringing the head-hit of the salt with the longer-lasting effect of the freebase for a smooth, satisfying hit. Learn more about hybrid nicotine here.

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