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Oxbar SVOPP Battery - Device ONLY

Oxbar SVOPP Battery - Device ONLY

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Introducing the new pre-filled pod device released under the Oxbar by Rocky Vapor brand: SVOPP.

The SVOPP battery can be used with SVOPP pods to produce a superior closed pod system experience like no other. The 1100mah rechargeable battery includes six different wattage settings from 11W-30W to allow for a varied puff size to match your preferred vape inhalation. The SVOPP battery is available in Black and Gunmetal.


  • 1100mAh battery size
  • Standard USB Type-C Rechargeable (charging cable not included)
  • LED Display indicates battery charge and current wattage settings
  • Uses a sliding 'rail' style connection for a secure pod connection

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