Nicotine Cap Takes Effect on July 23rd, 2021.

Nicotine Cap Takes Effect on July 23rd, 2021.

The Canadian federal government will be publishing guidance for the federal nicotine cap in their latest Canada Gazette Part II which is set to be released on June 23rd.

In there, we expect the latest Nicotine Concentration in Vaping Products Regulations to be released.\

Retail sale - Vaping Products

2 (1) These regulations apply to every vaping product that is intended for retail sale in Canada, as well as to its packaging.

Vaping Products - otherwise furnished

(2) These Regulations also apply to every vaping product that is intended to be otherwise furnished, in Canada, at a point of sale that is a retail establishment where vaping products are ordinarily sold, as well as to the packaging of such a vaping product.

Nicotine Concentration

Standard - maximum nicotine concentration

4 (1) For the purposes of section 7.2 of the Act, a vaping product must not contain nicotine in a concentration that exceed 20 mg/mL...

Coming in to force

These Regulations come into force on the 15th day after the day on which they are published in Canada Gazette, Part II.

 Retailers are able to sell up to 15 days after the Regulations come into force, thus, the nicotine cap shall come into effect on July 23rd, 2021.


What does this mean for you the customer?

If you vape below 20mg/mL, not much - except a glaring example of what will happen to your flavourings if you don't speak against proposed government regulations.

If you vape above 20 mg/mL, it will soon be illegal for you to purchase your current products.  We can help you transition down to 20 mg/mL.

Starting now, we will not be re-stocking our shelves with any product over 20 mg/mL nicotine levels.   

It also means some customers are going to "panic-buy" and stock up on the remaining products.  We will be running out of them soon, and until July 3, we will only take pre-orders for those products that currently out of stock and soon to be banned and substitutions may be necessary.   

If you pre-pay, we can order those products that out of stock and when they come in you can pick them up.  We realize that this is an inconvenience, so all pre-orders of out of stock e-liquid, pods or disposables will get a 25% discount.  Our suppliers will also be running out of stock as they will face panic-buying as well from retail outlets, this means you may need to take a substitution or refund/credit.

It also means that some of our 25-50 mg/mL "less popular" brands or flavours will go into the clearance bin for crazy prices of 50 to 66% off of retail price.

For the e-liquids that we produce that are between 20-50mg/mL, they will be available to sell on-demand until July 23, 2021.    After that we will no longer be allowed to.

We don't like this at all, and we do not agree with these regulations, but we must comply if we are able to continue as a business.   Please write, call , tweet, facebook your MP and MPP about this regulations and the upcoming flavour ban.   This won't stop if we don't say something.


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