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2 in 1 USB charging cable with 360 degree swivel magnetic head

2 in 1 USB charging cable with 360 degree swivel magnetic head

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The USB cable you would dream about... you know, if you dreamed about such things.

This cable has a magnetic tip that removes when stress is applied to the cable.

Excellent for cars, bedrooms, offices... put the magnetic tip in your phone/mod USB port and then just bring the magnetic cord near it and it's instantly and easily connected with one hand. Please note: this cable is for charging only, it cannot transfer data.

Need to grab the phone quick?  Just grab it and pull, the cord stays there and the phone removes itself easily and quickly.
Some awesome benefits of this cord;

  • super quick connect
  • no more cats/dogs/kids tripping over your cable and sending your phone or mod flying across the room
  • comes with 2 tips so you can charge your USB-C and micro-USB devices with the same cord
  • easy, safe and quick attachment in your car, the magnet cord will actually grab your phone making it easy to connect your phone with one hand
  • grab your phone and run without worrying about damaging the USB port or being caught up in a cord
  • keeping the USB plug inside reduces wear on your USB charging connectors to make your devices last longer
  • lights up with a blue LED to show you are connected
  • quality braided wire with flexible ends

Not suitable for environments with lots of dust or metal particles.  The magnets will attract them and reduce the quality of the connection.

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